TAGxAPI Technical Reports


2018 IEEE LTSC TAGxAPI Technical Report on xAPI

xAPI: A Guide for Technical Implementers 

Managing Editor

Shelly Blake-Plock


Editing Team

Pankaj Agrawal, Mitchell Bonnett, J. Pablo Caballero, Peter Dobinson, Andrew Downes, Becky Goldberg, Jason Haag, Will Hoyt, Andy Johnson, Jonathan Kevan, Garrick Lee, Jonathan Poltrack, Charles Touron


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"This document is a guide to the technical implementation of the Experience API, commonly abbreviated as xAPI. xAPI is an application programming interface which allows software applications to exchange data regarding human activity. Designed for the domain of learning, xAPI enables the capture of data about human performance and its context."

An initial draft of our working outline circulated at DevLearn on October 25, 2017. The TAG voted in approval of publication on June 21, 2018.


Members and Contributors

Pankaj Agrawal, Anthony Altieri, Brenda Bannan, Avron Barr, Roland Barrera, Bruno Baudry, Jamie Bell, Boris Boiko, Mitchell Bonnett, Kos Breton, J. Pablo Caballero, Robert Chadwick, Jessie Chuang, Ben Clark, John B. Costa, Tom Creighton, Sayali Doshi, Andrew Downes, Stephen Downes, Russell Duhon, Navin Dutta, Dan Elbert, Jim Farrell, Jeremiah Folsom-Kovarik, Wayne Gafford, Shane Gallagher, Haitham Gasim, Abhijit Gokhale, Jim Goodell, Mark Grant, Jason Haag, Viktor Haag, Dennis Hall, Chris Hanes, William Hoyt, Andy Johnson, Nicole Kastner, David Keezel, Jonathan Kevan, Mike Kobar, Paul Lefrere, James Lindberg, Jodi Lis, Julie Lutz, Joshua Marks, Patrick McDade, Bill McDonald, Ricardo Mejia, Jim Mezzanotte, Gregory Moore, John Newman, Mike Palmer, Yogesh Pandey, Frank Polster, Jonathan Poltrack, Richard Price, Fritz Ray, Milton John Reder, Bob Robinson, Rico Rodriguez, Robby Robson, Sam Rogers, Hamadou Saliah Hassane, Hugh Seaton, Aaron Silvers, Troy Tolle, Charles F. Touron, Adam Verdin, Nick Washburn, Zak Waters, Art Werkenthin, Craig Wiggins