xAPI Case Study Webinar Series


xAPI Case Studies

We’re pleased to announce the the TAGxAPI webinar series of xAPI case studies. The webinar series will cover a wide range of topics and is meant for anyone interested in xAPI.

Are you new to xAPI? Join us to learn the many uses of xAPI and then get started on your own implementation!

Are you an xAPI expert? Join us to see what your colleagues are up to and get new ideas for your xAPI-enabled environments!



Mar 20: Creating an AR Event App Using xAPI with Chad Udell

Apr 17: Improving the Learner Experience through a Multi-Source Content Portal with Margaret Roth

May 22: Using xAPI with the Internet of Things (IoT) with Anthony Altieri

Jun 19: “Ridiculously Easy” xAPI for Rapid Development Tool Users with Becky Goldberg

Jul 17: Big Music Games: How xAPI is Supporting Game-Based Music Education in Brooklyn and Beyond with Stephen Selman

Aug 21: Ideas.com: xAPI for Live Behavior Analysis, Predicting Profits, and More with Nick Washburn and Greg Moore

Sep 18: Leverage xAPI to Gain a Deeper Understanding of Crowdsourced Data with Dave Fusco


To join the webinars...

Please sign up using the webinar registration form.

The webinar series features presentations, listed below, and will be held from 2:30 to 3:00 PM (US Eastern) during our TAGxAPI community calls. Please note the dates and be sure to join us.


Feb 20: Scenes Around Seattle: an A-Frame Virtual Reality Experience Using xAPI

Presented by Melissa Milloway, Senior Learning Experience Designer at Amazon

In this webinar, Melissa gave a live demonstration of a project that tracks activity in virtual reality via xAPI. Participants in the webinar had an opportunity to interact with the VR project — Scenes Around Seattle — and the stream of xAPI data statements was captured and presented live in real-time. This is a great project for instructional designers, learning analysts, and others interested in ways to track engagement within VR learning environments.


Part one in the 2018 TAGxAPI series discusses Virtual Reality and xAPI. Hosted by the IEEE LTSC Technical Advisory Group on xAPI.