To review the working draft outline of our Technical Report, please visit the draft page.

The following subcommittees are working to draft the 2017 IEEE LTSC technical report on xAPI. An initial draft of our working outline will be publicly circulated at DevLearn on October 25, 2017.

Subcommittees and Leads

I. Technology Summary

Rico Rodriguez, Lead

Hugh Seaton, Troy Tolle, Andrew Downes, Mitch Bonnett, Ben Betts, Jamie Bell

  • xAPI Technical Description

  • Categories of Products
  • Adoption Trends

xAPI Product Survey


II. Prior Research

Andy Johnson, Lead

Zak Waters, Stephen Downes

  • Literature, Plugfests, CoPs


III. Implementations

Pankaj Agrawal, Lead

Navin Dutta, Milt Reder, Andrew Downes, Jessie Chuang, Jonathan Kevan, Edilson Arenas, Troy Tolle, Sayali Doshi, Abhijit Gokhale, James Mullaney, Gareth Ardron, Russell Duhon, Andrew Hickey, Pankaj Agrawal

  • Learning Metrics / Analytics
  • Business Metrics / Analytics
  • IT Systems / Architecture
  • Data Storage / Big Data / Scale

xAPI Implementations Survey


IV. Technical

Russell Duhon, Lead

Navin Dutta, Ben Betts, Hamadou Saliah-Hassane, Sayali Doshi, Abhijit Gokhale, Ben Clark, Bob Robinson, Fritz Ray, Jason Haag, Rob Chadwick, Milt Reder, Zak Waters

  • Use Cases
  • Functional Requirements
  • Evaluation and Best Practices
  • Recommendations: JSON-LD Modernization
  • Centralized IRIs, Profiles, Repository Managed by the Community


V. Business / Industry

Richard Price,  Lead

Andrew Downes, Mike Palmer, David Keezel, Ben Betts, Jamie Bell, Sean Putman, Bob Robinson, Sam Rogers, Yogesh Pandey, Nick Washburn

  • Case Studies and ROI
  • Tool-Kit and Innovation
  • Evaluation and Best Practices


VI. Certification

Jonathan Poltrack, Lead

Milt Reder, Ryan Smith, Bob Robinson, Tom Creighton, Rob Chadwick, Andrew Downes, Russell Duhon, Charles Touron, Jessie Chuang, John Newman

  • xAPI Conformance
  • Client and Services
  • Profiles
  • Lifecycle
  • Certification Authority

Draft Working Outlines

Certification - Authority (Lead: Rob Chadwick)

Certification - Client and Services (Lead: Jono Poltrack)

Certification - Lifecycle (Lead: Jono Poltrack)

Certification - Profiles (Lead: Charles Touron)

Certification - xAPI Conformance (Lead: Milton Reder)


VII. Profiles

Jason Haag, Lead

Jonathan Kevan, Navin Dutta, Jessie Chuang, Russell Duhon, Mitch Bonnett, Will Hoyt, Charles Touron, Andy Johnson, Ben Clark, Milt Reder, Jim Goodell

  • Early Work: Vocabulary of COPs
  • Summarize State of Profiles
  • Interoperability and Shared Vocabulary / Repository / Profile Server
  • Certification and Testing of xAPI Profiles

Draft Working Outline


VIII. Cross-Standard Compatibility

Robby Robson, Lead

Ben Betts, Jim Goodell, Charles Touron, Frank Polster, Jason Haag, Mitch Bonnett, Andy Johnson, Jonathan Poltrack, Adam Verdin

  • Relation to and Use with Caliper
  • Relation to and Use with Competency Standards
  • Relation to SCORM
  • Relation to LTI & QTI
  • Relation to and use in (or non-use in) other IEEE efforts (e.g. ADB) and W3C efforts (e.g. EPUB3.1)


IX. Privacy and Security

Jonathan Kevan, Lead

Jane Mehta, Pablo Caballero, Navin Dutta, Pankaj Agrawal, Patrick McDade, Rob Chadwick, Fritz Ray, Paul Prinsloo, Sharon Slade, Zak Waters

  • Protection of PII
  • Best Practices for IDs
  • Payload Encryption
  • Data Privacy Policies / TOS


X. Governance and Sustainment

Shelly Blake-Plock, Lead

Aaron E. Silvers, Nick Washburn

  • Direction and Objectives
  • Transparency
  • Standardization

Draft Working Outline