3 Oct 2017

Following roll call, we confirmed the names of our Subcommittee Leads.

  • Rico Rodriguez, Technology Summary Lead
  • Pankaj Agrawal, Implementations Lead
  • Russell Duhon, Technical Subcommittee Lead
  • Richard Price, Business / Industry Lead
  • Jonathan Poltrack, Certification Subcommittee Lead
  • Jason Haag, Standardization Subcommittee Lead
  • Robby Robson, Cross-Standard Compatibility Subcommittee Lead
  • Jonathan Kevan, Privacy and Security Subcommittee Lead
  • Shelly Blake-Plock, Governance and Sustainment Lead

We still need the Prior Literature subcommittee to submit a name for their lead.

Subcommittee leads are responsible for the drafts that come out of their groups. Drafts should be sure to cover all of the topics featured on the Report Subcommittee spreadsheet.

The audience for the technical report are Technical Implementers of xAPI, including developers and engineers, IT, instructional designers, UI/UX designers, data scientists and analysts, and other technical professional service providers.

Each subcommittee draft should be in the neighborhood of 3 to 6 pages. While some groups may produce longer documents, we want to keep the final report to around 50 pages total.

Examples of IEEE Technical Reports are available online, as are both the IEEE Citation Guide and the IEEE Style Manual.

The Technical Report will include the following content:

  • Technology Summary
  • Prior Research
  • Implementations
  • Technical
  • Business / Industry
  • Certification
  • Standardization
  • Cross-Standard Compatibility
  • Privacy and Security
  • Governance and Sustainment

Additionally, at a high level, we want to see that the report addresses the following:

  • When and why to use xAPI
  • “How to use xAPI…” and Case Studies (note that we will also use this case study work to inform the future case study section of the website)
  • Documentation and FAQs
  • Diagnostics and Solutions to Common Problems
  • Technical Road Map
  • Comparative Specs: Demonstrating Simplicity and Elegance
  • Developer Resources: Tools, Profiles, Github, Open Source
  • Compatible Products: Conformant LRSs and xAPI Adopters
  • Ecosystem: Organization(s), Documents, Websites, Vendors, Stakeholders

The following is our schedule. Subcommittee leads are responsible for getting their drafts in on time.

Technical Report Draft Outlines

  • Sub-topic Draft Outlines are due to Subcommittee Leads on Oct 16
  • Subcommittee Leads should submit Subcommittee Draft Outlines to Chair on Oct 19
  • Chair will organize into a public presentation to be made available online Oct 24

Sub-topic Drafts

  • Should be turned in to Subcommittee Leads by Dec 6
  • Subcommittee Leads will turn in Subcommittee Drafts to the Chair by Dec 13

Working Draft and Final Version

  • Chair will publish an online Working Draft for Review by Dec 20
  • Final Version will be published Dec 31

Lastly we discussed the TAG xAPI Content Hub. This will be a new part of the website dedicated to curated content including xAPI case studies. The Editorial Committee is comprised of volunteers and capped at six members in order to keep it manageable. We'll be starting out by asking the entire TAG xAPI membership to submit case studies or other xAPI related materials for review. All content should be made available as cc 4.0.

Tomorrow's call will be dedicated to making sure all of the subcommittees are on track as our near-term goal is to publish the Working Outline of the report on Oct 25th to coincide with DevLearn.

Thanks to all. We're making real progress here.


Shelly Blake-Plock


Shelly Blake-Plock