xAPI Tech Report

Learning Technology and xAPI Data Analytics Enthusiasts,

Last September, the Learning Technology Standards Committee at the IEEE voted to approve the creation of a Technical Advisory Group on xAPI (TAGxAPI). An initial objective of that group was to publish a technical report on xAPI implementation.

I'm happy to announce that the report has been published today and is freely available at https://www.tagxapi.org/ieee-technical-report/ as a pdf.

I'd like to thank all of the people who worked on this project, especially our excellent editing team of Pankaj Agrawal, Mitchell Bonnett, J. Pablo Caballero, Peter Dobinson, Andrew Downes, Becky Goldberg, Jason Haag, Will Hoyt, Andy Johnson, Jonathan Kevan, Garrick Lee, Jonathan Poltrack, and Charles Touron.

We hope that this report will be of value to technical implementers working on real-world xAPI projects. Thank you to Avron Barr, chair of the LTSC and the whole IEEE learning technologies community for support on this project.

For more information on this and other xAPI projects, please visit https://www.tagxapi.org/and feel free to reach out.


Shelly Blake-Plock

Chair and Managing Editor, IEEE LTSC TAGxAPI

Shelly Blake-Plock